søndag den 21. november 2010

Answers to a question.

Ilya Katsnelson:
Ok. Rasmus. How about something new? Tell me something about the television culture of Mexico. Do they watch news, sitcoms, sports? How about the type of sweets they have? Is chocolate big over there?

Well dad; they love football (soccer) and boxing, my father went to Dallas just to watch a match. They have a lot of soapoperas like "2900 happiness" and stuff like that. ITS HORRIBLE!!. they eat a lot of chamoy (liquid chili or something im not sure) and a lot of lollipops wraped in chili. To conclude what they eat of sweets: ALOT OF CHILI!! chocolate is not that big, they eat it but nothing compared to denmark.

hvis nogen af jer har spørgsmål omkring livet herovre, så skrive en kommentar og jeg vil svare dem i mit næste indlæg.

3 kommentarer:

  1. Well, thanks for that insight. How about holidays? How do they celebrate Halloween? Birthdays? etc. I am looking forward to hearing from you on the Christmas and New Years Celebration. Dont keep us waiting so long next time.

  2. Halloween is very americanized because of Monterrey being so close to the border. We went "trick'n'treating" and all the houses were decorised. Birthdays are like in denmark except for the "quince" which is the 15th birthday. it can be compared to the sweet sixteen in the states and there is usually spend approx. 100.000 pesos/43.000 dkr. on one of these parties.

  3. Mi querido Rasmus tenemos dulces deliciosos como el Ate de Guayaba, Merengues Cacahuates acaramelados, Cajeta, Dulce de Leche (no solo chile a los jóvenes les encanta el chile ) tu has probado todos y nos dices que son deliciosos :) ahhh y Las novelas si son igual en todos los países y son horribles jajaja,
    No tengo el gusto de haber probado el chocolate Danés pero creo que en México tenemos unos chocolates deliciosos si no preguntarle a la adicta de tu hermana recuerdas que ella tiene una seria adicción a los chocolates :) le encanta lo cambia por cualquier dulce jajajaj
    y si a tu padre le encanta el box el footbal no solo el footbal americano, en Monterrey les encanta el fotbal soccer